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Sushi Places

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If you know me, you know that I love trying out different food. Food just brings me joy! I mean, maybe it's weird but I don't know. Anyway, I love sushi but what I don't love is some places that want to ruin sushi. Sometimes I go to a place, and the sushi is wonderful but then in another one, its disgusting. It's like there is no in between. It's either wonderful or terrible.

Anyway, I have to tell you guys the best shushis out there. The shrimp tempura and the spicy crab roll,you guys have to try it.But my food journey has just begun and I am ready to try out more places and let you guys know!!

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Taco Spots

I love tacos. Mexican Cuisine in general is really great. I recently noticed that many people don't really know what an authentic taco is. They usually think it's the flour tortilla or the hard shell, with ground beef,lettuce,sour cream,etc. I'm not gonna lie, those are great, too. BUT, I promise that the real things are way better. A real taco consists of two yellow corn tortillas layed on top of each other, any meat of your preference,cilantro,white onion, and green salsa.

Anyway, you guys have to try it but you have to watch out where you get them.. A lot of places sell tacos that are tex-mex which are not the real ones. The best places to get tacos is in one of those mexican-owned small restaurants. You'll get the real deal there.